• Which areas will use the ventilation system?

    As a professional manufacturer of ventilation systems, Xiamen AIR-ERV Technology Co., Ltd. knows the importance of providing clean and comfortable air while saving energy. Our ventilators are popular in various fields, especially in green buildings, where the need to pur...
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  • Overview of heat exchange equipment industry in China

    Overview of heat exchange equipment industry in China

    Heat exchange equipment is an energy saving equipment that realizes heat transfer between two or more fluids at different temperatures. It transfers heat from a higher temperature fluid to a lower temperature fluid, so that the fluid temperature reaches the process syste...
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  • Why we need ventilation system?

    The sealing of modern buildings is getting better and better, which leads to the difficult circulation of indoor and outdoor air. For a long time, it will seriously affect the indoor air quality, especially indoor harmful gases cannot be eliminated, such as the formaldehyde and benzene, viruses a...
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  • Advantages and Features of paper enthalpy heat exchanger from Xiamen AIR-E

    1). Made of special fibrous paper with high moisture permeability, good air tightness, anti-rends, aging resistance, anti-mildew etc. 2). Frame is ABS, good-looking, not easy to break, long service time,pro-environment, good air tightness, ensure the intensity and tightn...
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  • Advantages and Features of aluminum sensible heat exchanger from Xiamen AIR-ERV

    1). Environmental Protection - all materials are conform to ROHS/REACH requirements and national standards, they are pro-environment. 2). Professional design - have own design software to satisfy various working conditions, output report with specification and provide th...
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  • Welcome to visit new factory building

    We are moving to the new, larger and beautiful building on March 2, 2021. Our new addresses is: Xiamen AIR-ERV Technology Co., Ltd. No. 80, Siming Industrial Park, Mei Xi Road,  Tong'an District, Xiamen 361100, Fujian, China   Warmly welcome to visit us in new home and s...
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